Who is cjsommer?

I’ve been a problem solver as far back as I can remember, always looking for a new challenge. I love staying current in technology, pushing the software to its limits, as well as finding its boundaries. For me there is satisfaction in knowing the answer to something because you have tried it out yourself. So a bit about me…

I’ve worked with Unix, Windows, Informix, Oracle, SQL Server. I’ve worked in small shops. I’ve worked in large shops. I’ve made lots of coffee. I’ve drank lots of coffee. I’ve had good on call weeks, and I’ve had bad on call weeks. Okay, you probably get it; I have a diverse background. Do I know everything? Absolutely not! What I do know is that I still have that hunger for knowledge.

So why a blog? I’m hoping this will be one platform to allow me to share my experiences and give back to the SQL community.

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